1. Business License
    Do you have your business license in order?
  2. BPOL Tax
    Have you paid your Business, Professional and Occupational License Tax?
  3. Personal Property
    Is your Business Registered in your City or County and Have you paid your Personal Property Tax ?
  4. Payroll (Quarterly / W2 / W3)
    How do you handle payroll? Weekly? Monthly? Are you Current?
  5. Independent Contractors (1099/1096)
    Have all W9’s been filled out and are you compliant with your 1099/1096’s)
  6. Reconciled
    Does your bank statement match with your company books; Do the W2’s & 1099’s reconcile with the payroll taxes filed? Are your bank loans and credit cards broken out and balances recorded?
  7. Taxes
    Have you filed your company corporate tax returns?
  8. CPA Do you have one?
    If not we have a great list of referrals for you to review.