Client Responsibilities

1. Communication – Weekly meetings or conference calls with Bookkeeper.
2. Documentation-Proper documentation and backup provided to Bookkeeper.

We are only as efficient as the information provided to us. Information for the bookkeeper should be kept in a single spot such as a tray or file.

Bookkeeping By Design, Inc. Responsibilities

(Provided in Three Phases)

1. Set up/clean-up client books:
We are here to create and design systems to keep the financial position of your company in order.

2. Evaluate and Modify Current Systems:
Review current company systems in regards to Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Checkbook Ledgers and Paper flow systems to Facilitate the Most Efficient Bookkeeping and Recordkeeping Methods as possible.

3. Maintenace: We can provide the following services (not limited to)

A. Accounts Payable

  • Open mail
  • Input bills
  • Pay bills
  • Prepare for signature and mailing

B. Accounts Receivable

  • Prepare company invoices
  • Enter time
  • Enter transactions
  • Process company deposits

C. Payroll

  • Set up and process company payroll (Weekly, Bi-Week or Semi Monthly)
  • Pay company taxes and FUTA/SUI taxes (941 & State Taxes)
  • Prepare Quarterly & Annual taxes reports (940EZ & VA6)
  • Prepare 401K (proper backup of 401K plans and memberships)
  • Prepare W2’s/W3’s
  • Prepare 1099/1096

D. Bank Reconciliations and Credit Card Reconciliations.

E. Prepare Annual Budget & Update Monthly.
Designed specifically for your company. Create Specific Reports for your Company Plan Each Year.